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Our Wines

Red Varietals

While only a handful of red wine grape varietals get most of attention from wine lovers – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir to name a few – there are twenty red wine grapes that wine lovers enjoy across the globe. The Kennedy Cellars team works with many of the world’s leading vineyards to help our red wine enthusiasts experience the very best in red varietals.


2018 Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Clone 169’
Suisun Valley, California


2018 Shiraz
Devon Valley, Stellenbosch, South Africa


2019 Pinotage
Breedekloof, South Africa

White Varietals

Today’s white wines are much more than a wine for spritzers or for those with a sweet tooth. While many view as a less sophisticated wine than reds, there are a multitude of white varietals and blends with each showcasing an incredible spectrum of sights, smells and tastes that match that of their red counterpart. Kennedy Cellars offers a range of white wines delicately created using grapes from many of the world’s leading vineyards.


2018 Chardonnay
Curicó, Chile


2018 Pinot Grigio
Central Valley, Chile

Blended Varietals

Varietals in blended wines are like actors in movies; some play starring roles while other act as supporting characters. And similar to a great film, they must all work together to create a truly great experience. A blended varietal is a careful blend of multiple different grapes melded together to produce an exemplary wine. You’ll likely taste more complexity in a blended varietal rather than the singular and direct palate of a varietal.


2018 Couer D'Est
New Jersey


Winemaker's Red
Red Blend


Winemaker's White
White Blend

Fruit Wines

Kennedy Cellars has created some sophisticated varietals of fruit wine that vary from sweet to semi-sweet to dry. These selections are just as complex as traditional grape wines. For example, a blueberry wine tastes about as much like blueberries as a grape wine tastes like the grapes it’s made from. There is an influence, yes, but sipping these wines will be quite different from biting into a piece of fruit!


Strawberry Wine
New Jersey


Blueberry Wine
New Jersey