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Private Label for Premier Restaurants

Hand-crafted wines crafted to perfectly pair with your menu and consumers palate.  Precisely designed to your restaurant’s brand. 

As a restauranteur, you’ve worked hard for your success. Like most, you’re also likely looking for additional ways to inspire greater customer loyalty, offer an even better dining experience and, most importantly, find different ways to improve you bottom line through alternative revenue sources.

Over the last decade, the popularity of wine has grown steadily every year in America. With this popularity, more Americans have taken interest in wine and, most importantly to you, are ordering more wine in restaurants. One of the best ways to take advantage of this trend is create you very own restaurant private-label line of wines. Here are just a few benefits of partnering with a winery to produce you very own house wine:

  • The ability to tell your story through a more memorable brand experience. There’s no better way to reinforce your brand identity than having your logo and story as part of your customer’s dining experience. By having each on your own house wine, it not only creates a more memorable brand experience, but also establishes a more sophisticated and complete culinary experience in the minds and hearts of your customers.
  • You’ll experience greater margins on private labels. You’re essential avoiding the major price mark-ups that come with the three tier alcohol supply chain of Supplier > Distributor > Retailer. By working around the middleman costs by purchasing directly from a supplier, you’re cost is much closer to wholesale pricing and your price-per-ounce of wine will drop significantly. This gives you the opportunity to have your private label be an affordable glass or bottle choice but still generate big revenue.
  • They create a unique selling opportunity for your servers and bartenders. Private labels are a conversation starter with guests who will be intrigued by the opportunity to try something special. It’s a way for novice wine drinkers to order outside of their comfort zone, and it’s a chance for wine aficionados to try a wine they’ve never had before. Convincing your customers to try your private line will be the easiest sale in your restaurant.

When launching a private label wine, it’s important you have a trusted winery and partner that understands the art and science of not only producing a fine wine, but aligning it with your brand and marketing strategy. That’s where we excel.

Contact us today at 609-941-2000 to begin creating your very own branded line of house wines.

Why partner with Kennedy Cellars?

Access to the World’s Best Grapes

Great grapes make great wine.  Whether the Central Valley in Chile, Western Cape of South Africa, the Denon Valley of Stellenbosch or the Napa Valley of California, we partner and import grapes from the world’s finest vineyards.

Unparalleled Winemaking Experience and Knowledge

With over 75 years of experience hand-crafting award-winning wines, the Kennedy Cellars team understands the delicate blend of art and science required to create a premium and unparalleled quality of wine.

Expert Wine Marketing and Branding Support

Your brand is your story and your restaurant’s livelihood. The Kennedy Cellars marketing team will work with you to create a label that’s truly unique, grows your brand and tells your story in a differentiating way. They are also available to assist with your wine’s promotion, placement and display needs to ensure you’re getting the most of your investment.

We invite you to join our family of restaurant partners and provide us the opportunity to grow your business, increase your sales and create a truly memorable culinary experience for your customers.