A Passion For Fine Wine,
Great Experiences and Lasting Memories

The School of Wine at Kennedy Cellars

Since 2000, The School of Wine at Kennedy Cellars (previously Gino’s School of Wine) has served as a regional destination for wine enthusiasts of all levels. Located in Hammonton, New Jersey, the school offers winemaking courses with state-of-the-art equipment taught by expert winemakers and educators. It was founded on the mission of delivering a unique winemaking experience for all, pairing hand-crafted wine with the very best in wine education and memorable experiences. Today, The School of Wine at Kennedy Cellars teaches both beginner and advanced wine enthusiasts the precision of balancing both art and science to create their very own wine. In an unpretentious and fun atmosphere, our expert winemakers and onsite sommelier work hand-in-hand with our students from grape selection to bottling. While our students have produced high-quality varietals and award-winning wines, they’ve also discovered the experience of winemaking is much more than simply creating great wine. Behind every barrel and each winemaker stands a great story and memory for a lifetime.

Whether you’re a novice, connoisseur or home winemaker, the school will surely elevate your love of wine to a new level. We invite you to join us for what will be a lasting memory and tradition for years to come.